Cordova Chamber of Commerce

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C/O CRWP PO Box 1560, Cordova, AK
Phone: 907-424-3334
Salmon Jam is an annual cultural event that benefits the residents and visitors of Cordova and helps to make our community a place where people want to live year-round. Sustainable Alaskan fisheries, salmon ecology, and the importance of salmon to local economies are shared with festival-goers through hands-on activities, booths, displays, and is at the heart of the entire event.View Details
511 1st St, Cordova, AK
Phone: 907-424-3334

Cordova District Fishermen United

Proudly Representing Alaska's Area E Commercial Fishermen Since 1935

501 First St., Cordova, AK
Phone: 907-424-3447
CDFU represents and advocates on behalf of over 900 commercial fishermen and their families who harvest the sustainable wild resources of Alaska’s Area E waters, which includes Prince William Sound, the Copper River flats and the northern-central Gulf of Alaska. It is our mission to preserve, promote and perpetuate the commercial fishing industry in Area E and to further promote safety at sea, legislation, conservation, management and general welfare for the mutual benefit of all our members.View Details

Eyak Preservation Council

Salmon - Environment - Culture - Community

410 Main St., Cordova, AK
Phone: 907-424-5890
To honor Eyak Heritage and to conserve wild salmon culture and habitat through education, awareness and the promotion of sustainable life-ways for all peoples.View Details
300 Breakwater Ave, Cordova, AK
Phone: 907-424-5800
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