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Glacier Exploration

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Glacier Viewing -  A visit to Cordova is incomplete without a trip to the glacier.

Many people come to Alaska to see glaciers.  From the airplane window you see them dot the landscape below.  They dazzle, they amaze, and they capture your attention.  Spend just one day at a calving glacier and you will find it nearly impossible to tear yourself away. A visit to Cordova is incomplete without a trip to the glacier. 

A sunny day at Sheridan or Saddlebag Glaciers provides a stunning backdrop for a picnic to remember.  If a hike is your thing then plan to make the 3.1 (5 km) hike to Saddlebag Lake where Saddlebag Glacier resides at the far end of the lake.  If a hike isn't on your schedule for the day head to Sheridan Glacier via a short 15 minute walk just past the Sheridan Mountain trailhead.  Pick a great picnic spot in the wild flowers or right up and personal with the glacier.


Sheridan Glacier


Sheridan Glacier located off Copper River Highway mile marker 14 is accessed via an Eyak Corporation land easement. A brisk 35 minute walk will reward you with a viewpoint to see the expanse of Sheridan Glacier. Be sure to bring sack lunch and your camera and always remember to leave no trace. This glacier experience is a good option for those who are not interested in a full day trip to the glacier. In the winter the lakes surrounding Sheridan are a favorite ice skating destination.


Saddlebag Glacier


To visit another yet more elusive glacier, Saddlebag Glacier, follow the signage off Copper River Highway near mile marker 25. In contrast to Sheridan Glacier, Saddlebag is viewed across a large lake at the end of a mostly open USFS trail. This s a good option for the more active half-day glacier activity. Bring your lunch, your camera, bug dope and bear spray.


Childs Glacier

While the Copper River Highway is impassible at beyond bridge 339 near 36 mile, packing the car with kids, food and gear may be out of the question for now you can still spend the day with Childs Glacier.  There are both USFS permitted and non USFS permitted service providers that offer day trips and shuttle service to Childs Glacier and the Million Dollar Bridge.  The USFS glacier viewing area complete with picnic areas, fire pits and campsites is ideal for a day trip.  Check the Business Directory for listings.

Whichever route you take to spend a day at the glacier, walk, hike, atv or boat you will have a unforgettable day and memories to last a lifetime. 


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