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Explore the Copper River Delta
Hike the Chugach National Forest
Chugach Forest - Copper River Delta Trails Alaganik Slough Trail Alaganik Boardwalk - Pete Islieb Memorial Boardwalk Alice Smith inter-tie Crater Lake Trail Eyak River Trail Haystack Trail Heney Ridge Trail Lake Elsner Trail McKinley Trail Pipeline Lakes Trail Power Creek Trail Saddlebag Glacier Trail Sheridan Mountain Trail Ski Hill Trail Muskeg Meander Ski Trail Mt. Eyak Ski Area USFS Trail Map   Alaganik Slough TrailThe first half is made of GeoBlock, a hard plastic material allowing the hiker to walk over the fragile wetlands without negative impact on vegetation and soil.  Midway, a split log bridge provides easy crossing…
USFS Cordova Ranger Station
The United States Forest Service, a subsidiary of the United States Department of Agriculture, is the federal agency tasked with managing and preserving the 155 national forests and 20 national grasslands. In the Cordova area our back yard, the Chugach National Forest is their charge. When you visit Cordova a stop at the Ranger Station is a must. You will find hiking maps, sport fishing maps (sport fishing licenses are available through Alaska Department of Fish and Game), information on the varied Alaskan wildflowers, berries and plants, information on USFS cabins and trails to name a few. In partnership with…
Glacier Exploration
Glacier Viewing -  A visit to Cordova is incomplete without a trip to the glacier. Many people come to Alaska to see glaciers.  From the airplane window you see them dot the landscape below.  They dazzle, they amaze, and they capture your attention.  Spend just one day at a calving glacier and you will find it nearly impossible to tear yourself away. A visit to Cordova is incomplete without a trip to the glacier.  A sunny day at Sheridan or Saddlebag Glaciers provides a stunning backdrop for a picnic to remember.  If a hike is your thing then plan to make the…
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