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Fishing, Cordova Ranger District : Chugach National Forest

N 60°32.567′ W 145°45.45′
The boundaries of the Cordova Ranger District contain approximately 2.3 million acres of land and support a diverse assemblage of aquatic habitats ranging from an ever-changing delta wetland to large barrier islands and undulating coastlines. The district contains 809 miles of coho streams, 611 miles of sockeye streams and 450 miles of cutthroat streams. The hundreds of lakes and streams provide habitat for five species of Pacific salmon, cutthroat trout, Dolly Varden, whitefish, and other fish species.

The Copper River Delta is woven from six glacial river systems and is the largest contiguous wetland on the Pacific Coast. Prince William Sound was formed by millions of years of glaciations causing its shorelines to be heavily indented with deep fjords and many small bays. The Sound offers a variety of fishing opportunities from pristine mountain fed streams to saltwater fishing in a remote bay. Whether fishing on the Delta or in the Sound, the Cordova Ranger District provides fishing opportunities for everyone.

The purpose of the District Fisheries Program is to manage and protect the aquatic habitat and ecosystem so that the resources continue to be available for all users: the commercial fishers, subsistence users, sport anglers, fish watchers, and all of the others that benefit from healthy watersheds.

Salmon is the main draw for salt-water fishers, but there are opportunities for halibut, shrimp, and picking clams and mussels from the beaches of Prince William Sound.

Make sure you get a permit from Alaska Fish & Game.

Alaska Department of Fish and Game

The Prince William Sound Management Area includes all coastal marine waters between Cape Fairfield in the west and Cape Suckling in the east, and all freshwater drainages that flow into these waters. In addition to what is normally thought of as Prince William Sound, this area also includes the Copper River downstream from Haley Creek, the Copper River Delta, and the Bering River.

Excellent information on where and when to fish can be found in the Prince William Sound Fishing Report

Sport fisheries in Prince William Sound target five species of Pacific Salmon, several species of groundfish (halibut, rockfish and lingcod), shrimp and clams, as well as cutthroat trout and Dolly Varden. These fisheries depend primarily on wild stocks. However, six private non-profit hatcheries contribute significantly to several salmon fisheries, and state hatcheries support fisheries in three stocked lakes and king salmon fisheries in Valdez, Cordova, and Whittier.

Fishing PWS Prince William Sound area fisheries offer a full range of fishing opportunities and experiences from remote fly-in catch and release trout fishing in the Special Management Area for Trout east of the Copper River, to the popular road accessible pink salmon fishery at Allison Point in Valdez. Most of the fisheries in Prince William Sound are accessible only by boat or plane, with roadside fishing opportunities limited to Valdez and Cordova. Access for disabled anglers is available for trout, pink, coho, and king salmon in these areas.

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